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Girl at the Pediatrician

Medical Exams

Our medical services provide child victims with the evaluation they need - without the stressful trip to the ER.

Medical evaluations are a critical piece of both the therapeutic and criminal justice responses to the suspected sexual abuse of children. A medical evaluation assesses the child's emotional and physical health, while also providing crucial forensic findings that will aid in the investigation of concerns of abuse. 

How do medical evaluations benefit the child? 

  • The child can be examined for infections and other injuries.

  • The medical provider may be able to detect ongoing abuse or determine if siblings or other children were also abused or at risk. 

  • The child can ask questions and be assured that their body is healthy and normal.

  • The medical provider can correct any myths that the child may believe about the abuse.

  • The child can be assessed for mental health needs.​

You've got questions. We've got answers.

Does your child have an upcoming medical evaluation? See a list of our most frequently asked questions.

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