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Internet Safety

Children and teenagers use various different apps and websites to connect with other people.  Unfortunately, this offers online predators the perfect place to connect and gather information about their targeted victims.  It is important to speak with your child about the dangers of social media and online predators.  Here are a few simple steps to take in order to protect your child and your family from falling victim to online predators trying to gain information and access to your child:

  • Never give out personal information over the internet.

  • Only talk to people you know and trust.

  • If you don't know them, don't talk to them.

  • If someone ever asks you for photos and/or sends you photos, report the content and tell an adult immediately.

A few of the most common and popular apps with children and teenagers are:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • Snapchat

  • Kik

  • Tiktok

Monitoring your child's social media presence and limiting access to these apps is a good way to keep a close eye on the activity of your child when using the internet and/or any web capable devices such as cell phones, iPads, and tablets.

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