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Sabrina Sartor, Investigator Cass County Sheriff's Office 

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 Sabrina Sartor, Investigator - Cass County Sheriff’s Office 

Sabrina Sartor has been a Peace Officer for 6 years. Sabrina began her career in law enforcement working as a correctional officer in a State Jail after which time she became a Dispatcher, a Reserve Peace Officer and, finally, a full time Peace Officer. Sabrina states “In 2015 I fulfilled a lifelong dream of being a Deputy Sheriff when I began working for the Cass County Sheriff’s Office as a Patrol Deputy”. In 2017, Sabrina was promoted to her current position as an Investigator. As an investigator with Cass County Sheriff’s Office, Sabrina investigates a wide variety of offenses including theft, burglary, assault, sexual assault and homicide but “it is the investigations of crimes against children that are near to my heart”. Sabrina has been married to her wonderful husband, Cody Sartor, for five years and together they have four children.

Q. If you could only choose one song to play every time you walked into a room for the rest of your life, what song would it be?

A. The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme)

Q. What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?

A. The best advice I received was when I went to the Crimes Against Children Conference in 2016. I had recently begun interviewing suspects accused of sexually assaulting children and I was having a hard time overcoming the difficulties associated with a female interviewing a male suspect in a sex offense. When I asked how to deal with that issue I was told “don’t let it”. Those three words have become a sort of mantra for me when faced with an obstacle in any investigation.

Q. If you could shop for free at one store, which store would you choose?

A. The grocery store. Feeding four growing kids gets expensive.

Q. What is your favorite way to spend a weekend off?

A. I like to spend my weekends with Cody and the kids on some kind of adventure. We may end up in the mountains, on the beach, in a cave, or touring some historical site. Wherever we end up, something crazy/memorable always happens.

Q. What’s the career highlight you’re most proud of?

A. My career highlight I am most proud of is obtaining my first confession. I remember turning to the camera when the suspect confessed to make sure it was still recording.

Sabrina, we are beyond honored and proud of the work you do for abused children in Cass County! You inspire and motivate our staff constantly, your passion and energy are contagious! Thank you for all you do!

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